Decorative grills, decorative panels and radiator grilles.

Here you can see the assortment of decorative grilles produced by our workshop and purchase them online. We offer the widest range of decorative grilles, radiator grilles and decorative panels. This range includes perforated and floor grilles, ventilation grilles, brass grilles, external air vent covers and wire panels. If you cannot find a grille that you want, or if you prefer a special service, please, send us the detailed information about your requirements to

Material and finish of grilles

We produce the widest range of decorative grilles. Grilles can be made of brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and iron. All grilles, metal screens, ventilation grilles can have different finishes. They can be polished to a bright or satin finish to achieve either a shiny or matte effect. Brass grilles are popular both in historical interiors and in ultramodern ones.

We are ready to perform the grille in any style with the finish of your choice. You can familiarize with all spectrum of available finishes, visit our special page finish. Here you can view and select decorative grilles from a wide range of finishes.

Internal and external ventilation grilles

You can select the external covers of the ventilation holes, as well as the internal covers of the ventilation holes, and purchase on our specialized page. You can choose a template for your ventilation grille, as well as material trim and various options for frames and fixtures. If you cannot find a ready-made version of the ventilation grille, please contact


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