Metalworking services, for items from brass, copper, and stainless steel

Metalworking services, for items from brass, copper, and stainless steel

Brass Workshop makes upscale furniture, interior items, and outdoor items from metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel. With a solid foundation of work experience (more than 20 years) and a convincing portfolio, we are able to bring to life even the boldest ideas a client might approach us with.

Using brass, copper, and stainless steel elements and appropriate combinations thereof, you can give the interior of an apartment, house, office, or shop a unique and elegant look that will please the senses of host and visitor alike. The high-toned golden colors of brass give furniture and décor solidity while adding refinement. Since 1781, the year it was patented, brass has been actively used in finishing and furnishing spaces in reputable homes and commercial premises.

The list of items that have been made by our artisans is long. Here, however, are the most popular items from brass, copper, and stainless steel among our company’s clients:

  • Metal tabletops, counters, all types of other kitchen elements;
  • Furniture: beds, tables, console tables, mirror and artwork frames;
  • Signs, plaques, lettering;
  • Staircases, banisters, staircase railings;
  • Gates, fences, enclosures, doors, fence gates;
  • Interior décor elements;
  • Furniture fixtures: handles, hinges, decorative elements;
  • Wall panels;
  • Ventilation grates;

Advantages of items made from metal:

  • Sturdy structure and structural elements;
  • High resistance to corrosion;
  • Ecologically sustainable material;
  • Distinguished appearance;

Design department

The process of creating brass items begins in the design department, composed of experts in the design of metal items, creating designs that fit organically into the appropriate style. Over many years of work we have compiled a multitude of solutions that we can provide to clients when fleshing out the design of their items.

In addition, our designers can also imagine a completely new design for an item, based on the client’s needs and desires. We can work off a simple conversation, or we can use sketches, drawings, blueprints, etc. provided by clients. Our artists can also create an exact copy of an item for a client, even from just a photograph.

After the design is confirmed, technical documentation is drawn up and passed on to Brass Workshop’s production department.

Production department

The heart of our workshop is the production department, where even the boldest fantasies of our clients come to life in metal. Orders are filled by our metalworkers on advanced, high-tech equipment, the pride of our company. Thanks to our well-organized, full-cycle production process in Moscow, orders can be filled quickly.

Before they are delivered to our clients, all brass, copper, and stainless steel items undergo strict and thorough inspection for compliance with the technical documentation (dimensions, form, color) and to catch any possible defects or poor quality.

Delivery and installation/assembly

The completed brass, copper, and stainless steel items are accepted by the client and delivered to the desired location. Our professionals will assemble the item on-site and install it.

Metalworking services, for items from brass, copper, and stainless steel

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