Milling and engraving work

Milling and engraving work

3D milling work

Brass workshop has a state-of-the-art CDC milling machine, which allows us to three-dimensionally cut brass, copper, wood, acrylic, and other materials precisely, within fractions of a millimeter.

Milling is a mechanical process that uses a machine as cutting instrument, in which a cutting tool rotates around an axis, shaving off excess material from the form and giving it the proper shape.

Advantages of 3D milling:

  • High precision execution (precision to a fraction of a millimeter);
  • Possibility of carving complicated details with varying surfaces;
  • Milling can be done quickly;
  • Ideal execution, without any traces of machine processing;

3D milling is most advantageous for making 3D items where particular precision is required – letters, signs, plaques, figurines, lettering stencils, and all types of furnishings and fixtures in a décor.

Metal engraving

The mechanical process of writing or drawing on metal is known as engraving. It can be done using various methods — simple chiseling and hammering as the masters did in the middle ages, using electro-mechanical revolving tools with various nibs, and laser engraving.

In our workshop, engraving on brass, copper, and stainless steel is done on a 3D milling machine, which allows us to attain very high precision execution when engraving the smallest details.

For the most part, it is various personal items that are engraved – watches, rings, lighters, souvenir firearms and swords, metal souvenirs, etc. But engraving can also be done on wall panels, tables, and furniture and interior items.

Technical execution

If you would like us to prepare an item from brass, copper, wood, acrylic, or other material, or to engrave an image or lettering on one, our designers will need an image (photo or sketch) in order for us to visualize and develop the technical documentation. Our experts can also come up with a design that is completely new based on what a client wants. After the model is approved, the production department starts its work, where they prepare the item or detail according to the documentation.

Milling and engraving work

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