We provide water jet cutting services, using a 5-axle cutting head.

At the current time, this service is unavailable.

A waterjet cutting utilizes a high pressure stream of water passes through a narrow waterjet nozzle with adding a granular (typically garnet) abrasive.

The cutting of the processed material is provided under the influence of a mixture of water and abrasive.

This technology can be used for cutting metals and their alloys (including stainless and heat-resistant), composite materials, ceramics, ceramic granite, stones, glass, concrete, textolite, wood, and their combinations.

Waterjet cutting cut materials of large thickness (up to 250 mm) and almost of any shape. It is necessary to note the ecological compatibility of waterjet cutting. A thin stream of water significantly shortens the waste material. Thanks to a high quality cut, allows you to reduce or, in general, avoid costs of further surface treatment.

Waterjet cutting has a number of advantages: a cutting width of about 1mm provides a small loss of material, and the accuracy of 0.1mm makes it possible to cut almost any trajectory, which is often used for artistic cutting.


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